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A balancing act

Removal of field biomass raises concerns regarding potential loss of nutrients to the soil from the decomposing field biomass.  The general advice is that at least 50% of field biomass should remain in the field for recycling of organic material back to the soil.

The table below refers:

The term "WPT component" is used to refer to a felled Oil Palm Tree.  The base of an Oil palm tree has a significant flare. It also is the highest density portion of the tree. This flare portion is not removed from the field when trunks are removed.  Also the upper portion of the trunk where the Leaflets are attached, is not removed from the field.  All the Leaflets, Rachis, Spears, Cabbage and Infloresence is also not removed from the field.  As a consequence, the actual fresh weight of trunk removed from the field would amount to about 800 kgs per tree. This amounts to only 36% of the above ground biomass.